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Side-by-Side "Team Dual" Trike

The Team Dual Trike is perfect all riders, from physically challenged / companion situations, to the stylish retirees and resort rental fleets. Coaster and Drum Brakes.

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(SBST-3CB-HB shown with optional high-back bucket seats with swivel arm rests)


Our most popular version is the THREE-SPEED Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike SBST-3CB-HB with dual coaster brake (foot) and front drum brake. Three gears allow each rider to choose the speed (gear) that is right for them. Thickly padded and super comfortable high back Captain's seats shown are standard equipment. Optional swivel down armrests are highly recommended for added support and comfort.

The Side-by-Side Team Dual Trike is fun, functional and built to last. Ships 99% fully assembled via truck (handlebar, stem and seats must be adjusted and tightened, reflectors and basket must be attached.)

Dual Trike Factoids:

  • Overall Width 44.5"
  • Maximum Recommended Weight Capacity 600 Pounds
  • Seat Height from Ground 26.75"
  • Seat Width 18.5"
  • Seat Back Height 13.5" (Thickly Padded High Back Seats)


Specifications: Description:
Product Name: Side by Side Team Dual Trike THREE-SPEED version SBST-3CB-HB
Frame Description: One-piece fully welded steel frame, 14G 2" oversized main frame with reinforced gusseted 12 G cross axle rear, with dual welded seat support tracks.
Rims: Exclusive WTC Industrial Clincher Rims with rolled edge. 50% thicker material than other bicycle rims.
Spokes: 11G (.120) Heavy Duty 36/wheel
Front Wheel: 20 x 2.125 industrial grade with integrated automotive-style drum brake.
Rear Wheel(s): 24 x 2.125 industrial grade.
Hand Lever: Heavy duty ergonomic brake lever with parking brake function located on steering tiller.
Tires: WTC Sup-R-Tires, diamond tread. Kevlar belted tires, or white wall tires available as upgrades.
Front Brake: Automotive-style drum brake (hand activated)
Rear Brake: DUAL Shimano Nexus THREE-SPEED coaster brake with dual sprockets (foot activated). Each rider has braking ability.
Gearing: Standard; Dual THREE Gears with dual-action handlebar-mounted thumb shifters located on steering tiller. Each rider can select the gear they desire.
Rear Axles: Dual 7/8" machined steel axles with woodruff key drive system.
Rear Axle Bearings: FOUR industrial hanger bearings with heavy duty support plates.
Seat: DUAL 12" high back captain's seat - 18" wide x 13" Deep x 13" high, thickly padded with steel base pan and drainage holes. Adjustable back and forth on track. Each rider can set the seat position independently. Swivel down armrests are optional. If you choose a single set of armrests, they are positioned on the outside of each seat. If two sets are ordered, each seat has an inside and outside rest. Armrests are strongly recommended for added support, comfort and safety.
Cranks: Dual one-piece forged crank 6.5".
Front Sprockets: 32T 3/16" thick
Rear Axle Sprocket: Dual 20T welded onto industrial bushing.
Chains: 1/2" x 3/16"
Pedals: 1/2" Resin pedal with boron axle.
Handlebar Tiller: Adjustable steering tiller can be tilted to adjust height. Steers side-to-side.
Grips: Extra comfort high density foam.
Rear Carrier: Wire basket 18" x 13" x 6"
Overall Length: 73"
Overall Width: 44.5"
Carrying Capacity: 600 lbs. safe operational weight.
Rider Size: Range of rider sizes from appx 4'10"- 6'2". Range can vary depending on leg length vs overall body height.


First introduced in 1995, The Team Dual Trike has become an extremely popular cycle. Worksman Team Dual Trikes are not only fun for family recreation, but also a solution for many couples with special riding needs. This self-balancing cycle is also ideal for resorts, rental businesses, personal use, special needs use or other special applications where fun and ease of use is a priority. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Worksman Team Dual Tricycle:

Do both riders have to pedal?

  • Not necessarily. The Team Dual Trike features two independent power trains. In other words, each rider powers the wheels on their own side. Therefore, as long as one person pedals, the tricycle is driven in the same way as on single seat adult trikes. One wheel can power the tricycle. Consequently each rider can pedal the Team Dual Trike either alone or together with their partner. This is particularly important in a case where one rider is physically unable to actively pedal.

Do both cranks (pedals) turn simultaneously (in cadence) as is the case with a tandem bicycle?

  • Absolutely not. Each rider pedals at their own rate. When you are not pedaling on your side, your pedals do not turn. Pedal when you want at your own pace. However, in the case of physical therapy where you may wish to force one rider's pedals to turn all the time, this can easily be accomplished. Inquire at the time you order.

Is the Team Dual Trike available with different gearing?

  • Yes. The standard model SBST is a single-speed model. The SBST-3CB is a dual three speed. Each rider controls their own gear shifter. This is a very unique feature of the Team Dual Trike as each rider selects their gear that they are most comfortable using. This is important because in most cases riders have different pedaling strength and abilities. The three-speed is an internal system, so shifting is as simple as clicking 1, 2, or 3 on the gear selector. This is another example of the independent features of these quality cycles.

How do you stop the Team Dual Trike?

  • The Team Dual Trike has 3 independent brakes for sure, safe stops. Either rider can stop the cycle by simply back-pedaling. This applies the coaster brake. In addition, there is an automotive style drum brake built into the front wheel of the cycle which is controlled by a hand lever located on the center of the steering tiller. This lever also acts as a parking brake. Simply push a button on the lever and the parking brake is engaged. This is particularly useful when parking the cycle on a slight incline, or simply to prevent it from rolling when getting on or off the trike. You will also appreciate the fact that all three brakes are functional in wet conditions, so should you get caught in an unexpected rain shower, your Worksman Team Dual Trike will still perform reliably and safely.

How do you steer the Team Dual Trike?

  • Steering is easy and natural with our steering tiller system. The common tiller simply pivots from left to right, controlling the front wheel just like a bicycle. Normally one rider is designated as "The Captain" and controls the tiller. This can be accomplished from either seat.

Can different sized riders ride together?

  • Certainly. Each seat on the Team Dual Trike is independently adjustable without the need for tools on the glide rail system. Unlike vehicles with a single bench seat, the Team Dual Trike allows for each rider to set the seat for their own comfort level. In most cases, the Team Dual Trike is appropriate for riders from 4'-10" to 6'-3".

What seating options are available?

  • The Team Dual Trike now comes with the incredibly comfortable, richly padded high back Captain's Seats. Swivel-down armrests and seatbelts are optional. The armrests are important because they not only add lateral support during turns, but they also provide a convenient way to rest your arms and relax. You can choose to order one pair of armrests for each seat, or one armrest mounted to the outside of each seat.

Is the Worksman Team Dual Trike appropriate for active seniors?

  • No doubt about it. Today more than ever people recognize the benefits of aerobic exercise. Seniors are more aware of this than most as their doctors are urging them to stay active to stay young. Seniors are seeking safe, low impact activities. They also want to have fun! Riding side-by-side with a companion is not only good for physical activity, but also provides a stimulating social experience.

Is the Team Dual Trike suitable for children to ride?

  • The Team Dual Trike is a true family vehicle. Since the seats adjust so easily on our "glide track" system, they can be easily adjusted to most sized riders, from pre-teen to super senior. However, the captain of the Team Dual Trike should be a responsible adult. Since seating is side-by-side, riders can truly share the experience. Parents can bond with their children from generation to generation. With the optional seatbelt, even smaller children can be strapped in to the seat and be taken for a ride.

Can people with physical disabilities ride the Worksman Team Dual Trike?

  • First, since the Team Dual Trike has independent pedals systems, as long as there is one able-bodied rider, the cycle can be useful. Physical therapists have found the Team Dual Trike to be ideal for developing motor skills and other therapeutic activities. Since the seating is side-by-side, monitoring and communicating with the special needs rider is easy, safe, and convenient. The Dual Trike has proven useful for those with balance problems, motor skills challenges, strength issues and more. These cycles are ideal for visually impaired riders as they can share the riding experience with the sighted partners. Many leading institutions now use the Worksman Team Dual Trike for physical therapy, occupational therapy, coordination training and the like.

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