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The "Superior" Hiwheel

Our top of the line bike is based on the Gormully and Jeffery American Challenge/Ideal. It incorporates steel castings copied directly from an original G&J we have here at RBR.

Superior Golden Gate

Superior Hiwheel
Oil lamp is now included.
The head, neck, bar clamps, and spade grips from the original G&J bikes were copied faithfully, and have been used to make a bike very close in appearance to the original. The handlebars can be made with a cowhorn bend, straight or dropped at the ends to the width specified by the rider. Handle grips are rubber, in spade configuration, adjustable to angle and comfortable to hold. The bike comes with a bell, as well as a sprung leather hammock style saddle, adjustable rear step, and pantguard. Pedals are antique style rubber block, and the cranks are our adjustable 3 hole cottered type. Finish is a black powder coating. Red or black wheel rubber optional. Step, bars and clamps, grips and springs, are plated.

52-inch Nickel Plated Superior
The front wheel is one of our own make, 38", 48", 50", 52", 54" or 56" tall, with 60 stainless steel spokes tangentially laced on the rim, with a solid rubber tire. The rear wheel is 16" and fully adjustable with a solid rubber tire. Main wheel bearings are sealed precision and rear bearings are enclosed. Frame is steel tube with an .095 wall and the forks are .065 wall. All parts are MIG welded.

Sizes offered are: 38", 48", 50", 52", 54", and 56" - sized to the rider by inseam. Contact us to determine what size you should ride. Please also see our Size Recommendations & Assembled Dimensions Custom sizes can be made at an additional cost.

Superiro Hiwheel

38", 48", 50" or 52" - $3410.00
54" or 56" - $3630.00
(Add $165 for powder color other than gloss black)

  • 38", 48", 50", 52", 54", or 56" sizes
  • Stainless front spokes, plated hub
  • Black powdercoated rim
  • Powdercoated frame & forks
  • Sprung leather hammock saddle
  • English rubber grips
  • Rubber block pedals
  • Adjustable 3-hole cranks
  • Solid rubber tires, red or black.
  • Moustache or semi-straight style handle bar
  • Spade type grip handle, or wood pear shape
  • Bowl bell
  • Oil Lamp
  • 4 wheel sizes standard
  • Original G&J style castings: head, neck, bar clamps, and spade handles
  • Pantguard
  • Adjustable rear step
  • Rear wheel with Phil Wood rear hub, zinc spokes
  • Weight of 52" bike approx. 38 pounds

Superior Head and Neck Detail   Superior Hub Lamp in Wheel.
Detail of the head & neck, bar clamps, and head adjuster
Hub Lamp in Wheel

Saddle and tube bag detail   Superior Nickel and Copper Finish detail
Saddle and Tube Bag Detail
Nickel and Copper Finish Detail

Saddle detail   Superior Saddle Name Badge
Saddle Detail
Saddle Name Badge & Tube Bag

Superior Step detail   Superior Step detail
Step Detail
Step Detail

Handle bar detail   Handle bar and Grip
Handlebar Detail
Handle bar and Grip

Superior Pantguard   Badge and Step detail
Badge and Step Detail

Superior Grip Detail   Superior Tangent Lace detail
Radial Lace Detail
Tangent Lace Detail

Superior Black Saddle Detail   Superior Black Saddle Detail
Black Saddle Detail
Black Saddle Detail

Superior Light Brown Saddle detail
Superior Light Brown Saddle Detail

Superior Nickel   52-inch Superiors

Superior Pair   Superior Pair

Yellow Superior

Superior Profile

Superior Profile

Superior Profile

Superior Hiwheel Superior Hiwheel

Superior Hiwheel

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