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   Victor Bicycles 1892
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The following pictures are found in the Victor Bicycles 1892 catalog along with the excerpts associated with each picture.

Victor Model F


< Model F.
"This machine has the same frames as Model G, but is fiitted with a rigid front fork, and also Victor Cushion Tires."

"This machine was originally made by us in 1890, being built especially for lady riders. Its popularity is undoubtedly greater than that of any other high grade wheel of this class. We have added many new improvements since the original model was constructed, and believe that it is today the easiest riding of any lady's machine."

Victor Pneumatic Tire


< Victor Pneumatic Tire
"Owing to the speed which has been developed on racing tracks with specially light bicycles, and specially light pneumatic tires, there has sprung up a demand for an inflated tire for road bicycles."

"It is today a question whether pneumatic tires will finally come to be acknowledged as a permanent improvement in bicycle construction or not."

"We believe we present in our Victor Pneumatic tire as good a device as can be made. We think it better than any device offered."

Victor Square Rubber Pedal


< Victor Square Rubber Pedal
'The Victor Square Rubber Pedal, with automatic adjustment to the curve of the foot, is nearly perfect. We believe that a pedal of better material, design, and finish cannot be made. They are fitted with Bown's Aeolus ball and bearings."

"We were the orinators of the square rubber pedal and the majority of those with lips and ridges are but makeshifts to avoid a direct copy of the Victor pedals. We also make pedals of extra width to order."

Victor Saddle


< Victor Saddle
"We have greatly improved the Victor Saddle for 1892, although it is practically our well known model of former years, with the addition of such features as seem necessary to the comfort of the rider, and is not to be surpassed in quality or finish."

"The metal parts are all forged steel. It is adjustable fore and aft, up and down, or for pitch of seat. The leather seat is instantly detachable, and is in consequence much more durable, as it need not be left out in the rain. The machine is also more apt to be found where left, if the seat is removed."

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