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   Catalog Reprints - Columbia Bicycles 1891
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The following pictures are found in the Columbia Bicycles 1891 catalog along with the excerpts associated with each picture.

Columbia Roadster


< Columbia Roadster
The Columbia Light Roadster is a genuine lightweight bicycle, about seven pounds lighter than the Expert. We put it out for its seventh season with its reputation established for elegance, ease of running, and strength, and fully justified in claiming for it the first place among all machines of its class in the world.

It is too well known to require elaborate description. It is just what we call it, a light roadster; and in this, as in other important aspects, will be found to differ materially and favorably from some other machines, for which equal claims have been made. Its thorough use by thousands of riders has demonstrated the fact that it will stand as much as any tangent spoke machine on the market.

The Invincible Lantern


< The Invincible Lantern
It is the most satisfactory that we have seen of domestic or foreign make, for use on safeties and tricycles. It has an adjustable grip-socket to fit the clip of almost any machine, attached to the lantern with a parallel link and spring arrangement which reduces vibration to a minimum and checks sudden jars.

The reservoir is of ample dimensions, fitted with a good burner, which, with its wickburner is held firmly in place when the door is closed. There are colored side lights, and a handsome beveled oval front glass. Price, japanned, $6.00

Columbia Light Roadster Price List

Front Wheel Price Weight Rear Wheel
47 inch $120 36 lbs 16 inch
52 inch $127.50 39 lbs 18 inch
59 inch $135 42 lbs 18 inch

Columbia Semi-Roadster Price List

Front Wheel Price Weight Leg Measure
42 inch $50 33.5 lbs 29 inch
44 inch $52.50 34 lbs 30 inch
46 inch $55 34.5 lbs 31 inch

Expert Columbia Price List

Front Wheel Price Weight Leg Measure
46 inch $105 42 lbs 31 inch
52 inch $112.50 45 lbs 34 inch
60 inch $122.50 49.5 lbs 38 inch
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